Questions without answers #7

Isn’t the word self-help group paradoxical?

A self-help group consists of people suffering from the same disease or sharing the same problem(s). People go to self-help groups to meet others with the same problems, share information and experiences. This way they can learn about new methods in order to be able to help themselves. Furthermore, there are self-help groups for relatives where they can learn how to help their ill or problem-laden husbands, kids etc. Having someone to talk who and who understands and knows your situation is also a good way of helping yourself. Additionally, sharing your experience enables others to help themselves, too. Thus, the word self-help group is by no means paradoxical.

How would chairs look if we had our kneecaps on the back of our legs?

If we had our kneecaps at the back of our legs we would hardly be able to sit on a chair because our knees would hinder us. So we would probably have to use stools as they have a small seat enabling us to position our legs at its side.

Why do noses run while feet smell?

The figurative meaning of a running nose is that someone has a cold. However, it does not mean that your nose is literally running but that secretion is coming (running) out of your nose. It seems that over the years it has become easier to speak of a running nose than of something running out of your nose.
Actually, you smell with your nose. So how come your feet can smell too? Well, when your feet smell it’s not because they have the same abilities as your nose but because of excessive transpiration often combined with a lack of washing. And old sweat simply smells.

Why do women never go to the toilet alone?

Now we’re entering the field of female psychology – or something I think could be an explanation. As little girls women learned never to go anywhere alone because the world and (especially) strangers are dangerous. We all learned this: never go with strangers…unless they have some candy.
Anyway, in order not to fall victim to a man who may be lingering on a public women toilet (yes, there are sickos out there) they go in pairs of two. This way no one can ambush them and following them to the toilet is useless, too.
Of course not going alone to the toilet has the big advantage that conversations don’t have to be halted as they can be continued over the walls of the toilet stalls. News can be exchanged and the girls can tattle about this and that. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I think the explanation makes sense…more or less.