Christmas Gaming: Santa Hanta (PC)

You can download Santa Hanta here (It’s a German site)

If you’re not in a festive mood or you’re already sick of Christmas, here’s the game for you: Keep the Santas in this game from delivering their presents. The game uses the Moorhuhn-(Crazy Chicken) principle but instead of shooting Santa you have to throw snowballs at him (or rather them). The further they are away the higher your score when you hit them. You can collect bonus points when you shoot a Santa Claus while he’s delivering a present after knocking on a door which results in children screaming. Apart from shooting Santa you can also shoot Yetis that appear from time to time. ANother fun addition is that if you throw the snowball at Santa’s feet you can cause a small snowy explosion blowing Santa away. The game itself is obviously repetitive and only consists of one level but there’s motivation in trying to break your own highscore. The graphics, however, are quite nice. There’s festive music playing in the background which sounds like some elves have produced remixes of famous Christmas songs. It’s a fun little game for those of us who want to let off some festive steam.


Christmas Gaming: Santa Ride! 2 (PC)

You can download Santa Ride! 2 here (It’s a German site)

This game consist of only one level and your mission is to collect presents and deliver them to the children in the village. The graphics are quite nice and the music is festive (though, as with the other games so far, it becomes repetetive). Controls are the biggest issue here as Santa’s sleigh is quite hard to control. It’s hard to negotiate corners without crashing into a house, wall, lamp post etc. The only alternative is to pull the handbrake (or sleigh brake as it’s called in the game) which doesn’t make controlling the sleigh any easier. Another problem is collecting gifts and different goodies: Santa mostly collects them but it happens that he just pushes them away. Also, once you’ve collected the presents it’s hard to make out the houses you have to deliver them to, though the game reminds you to press ‘Space’ to throw the gifts. What’s pretty cool is that you can ‘Ho Ho Ho’ during the game and you have to be relatively quick about distributing presents or your ‘Faith in Santa Meter’ is gonna go empty and the children will stop believing in him. All in all, it’s an okay game which would’ve been better with better controls and more levels – and more reindeer pulling the sleigh as there are only six 😉

Christmas Gaming: Xmas Special (PC)

Today I played Xmas Special which you can download here (It’s a German site)

In this short game of only three levels Santa Claus has to collect a certain amount of presents and stars (though they can be sugar canes etc. as well) in order to open a portal so he can teleport to the next level. The game has a wintry and festive atmosphere with snow lying around and Christmas music playing. The music, however, becomes quite annoying at some point as it’s always some country version of Jingle Bells being played over and over again. Santa Claus can basically fly through the small levels (I know he can. He has to get up onto the roofs and into the chimneys somehow, hasn’t he) which is a cool features but can also become pretty dangerous as sometimes he “flies” up a wall, over it and falls to his certain death. The levels themselves are quite similar, though some of the presents and stars are hidden well and outside of the levels boundaries. Of course, Santa has to face some enemies during the game in the form of evil snowballs that either roam around the level or rise up and down with the help of a propellor on their heads. One can either shoot them with snowballs or avoid them all together. All in all it’s a fun little game one can play through in no time.

Christmas Gaming: Santa Claus in Trouble (PC)

I decided to create a new “Gaming” category though I don’t know ho it’ll turn out eventually. What I do know, however, is that in preparation for Christmas I’m going to write about some Christmas games. The basic rules are:

– Each game is either free to download or free to play
– I’ll limit myself to playing between 30 minutes and one hour
– Each review will be pretty short and nothing more than a first impression (between five and ten sentences)

Let’s see how this turns out. The first game I played is called Santa Claus in Trouble which you can download here (It’s a German site)

Santa Claus has to walk through different levels and collect presents. What’s cool about this game (at first) is once the start screen appears famous Christmas tunes start to play (e.g. Jingle Bells or Silent Night). This, however, is also the most annoying thing as the music is quite repetetive and becomes more of a distraction than an addition to the game. Collecting presents is being made harder by the player having only a certain amount of time and lives. Although there are arrows showing the way one can still take other routes first in order to collect more presents. Jumping from one platform to another needs some timing while the controls need some getting used to. What’s particularly cool is the game’s wintry atmosphere with snow lying around and parts of the landscape are made of gingerbread. The graphics are quite good for such a freeware title, the music would be if it wouldn’t become too annoying too fast. All in all, it’s quite a nice game for lunch breaks or whatever kind of break you need to take.