Demons Sleeping in the Mirror – Fourth Video Online

I decided to upload the music of my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project on YouTube.

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Behind the Glass #5

When Push Comes To Shove

This is maybe the most general song of all. It’s about no one in particular but rather about society. I always liked the expression “when push comes to shove” and so I wrote a song of the same title.
The language is pretty aggressive but that’s how I felt during the time of writing. Therefore, one must not take every word literally. “Killing our brothers and raping our sisters” does not necessarily allude to the physical acts of murdering and raping someone but is also open for interpretation. It’s a very misanthropic song.

In the verses Bino, the lyrical I, states his view on society and what feels so wrong about it. What bothers him the most is people keeping their life’s private until they’re connected to the internet. Many people tell you everything about them because they think they’re no more than an IP-address among billions of others. But that’s not true. And many people also think that love and feelings transmitted via network cable are a substitute for saying the words. That’s also not true. So, digital prostitution might lead to digital frustration but both can be their own digital diseases as well.
In their online worlds some people are gods and that’s what they try to be in their real life too, with dire consequences. Still, selfishness does not need online idols. Too many people always place themselves above others.

The chorus basically deals with all the information and shit thrown at you online. That’s the world where people feel safe, where they can reveal their true selves. Oscar Wilde put it like that: Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth.

The final question is who’s got the balls to face their deeds in the end? And who will be the coward fleeing the scene?

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