Demons Sleeping in the Mirror – Sixth Video Online

I decided to upload the music of my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project on YouTube.

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SIWMKTK – Songs I’d Want My Kids To Know #9

Script for a Jester’s Tear
Artist: Marillion
Album: Script for a Jester’s Tear
Year: 1983
Writers: Fish, Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly, Mick Pointer


This song is simply a lyrical and musical masterpiece. Fish shows his talent for writing lyrics that could be published in any kind of poetry collection. The images he creates are amazing and the music emphasizes them to a degree where you really feel for the singer (or rather lyrical-I) and get carried away with the song. To me, Fish is one of the best songwriters of all time and this song is my all-time favorite from Marillion.

My favorite lines:

So here I am once more in the playground of the broken hearts
One more experience, one more entry in a diary, self-penned
Yet another emotional suicide overdosed on sentiment and pride
Too late to say I love you, too late to re-stage the play
Abandoning the relics in my playground of yesterday

(Marillion – Script for a Jester’s Tear)

I never did write that love song, the words just never seemed to flow
Now sad in reflection did I gaze through perfection
And examine the shadows on the other side of the morning

(Marillion – Script for a Jester’s Tear)

The fool escaped from paradise will look over his shoulder and cry
Sit and chew on daffodils and struggle to answer why?
As you grow up and leave the playground
Where you kissed your prince and found your frog
Remember the jester that showed you tears, the script for tears

(Marillion – Script for a Jester’s Tear)

What do you think about that song? Are there any particular songs you’d like your kids to know?

When I turn my Eyes inside to see what’s lurking in the Dark

This is the twelfth song of my Something to Remind You project

Afraid to stand beside a shadow and to fall
To swim against the stream, to run against the wall
I can drown, I can’t climb
I can only face the demon in my mind

Afraid to stand beside a shadow and to fail
To be hit by a train, to be tied to the rail
I can fly, I can’t die
I can’t let the demon chase you from my mind

And with time comes and goes the pain
My failures pouring down in a burning, burning rain
I beg you to call out my name
Hold me, hold me tight and keep me sane
I’m still walking, can’t step out of my shoes
But I love you
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