Christmas Gaming: Christmas Puzzle (PC)

You can download Christmas Puzzle here (It’s a German site)

It’s one of those Bewejeled or Jewel Quest like games where you have to combine at least three symbols of the same color in a row. So it’s nothing new but it’s so much fun. The symbols are all Christmas related, e.g. gingerbread men, snowmen, sugar canes, presents… The game’s got a nice wintry background with different landscapes and there’s even snow falling in the background. The soundtrack consists of two songs (one of which is Joy to the World) which, fortunately, is easy to ignore. I don’t mean that in a bad way; it’s beautiful music but you can block it out easily and focus on the game. Level design is pretty varied. However, in some levels you have to get certain symbols through narrow passages which can take a lot of time. Anyways, time is not of the essence as you don’t play against the clock (at least not one that’s counting down). Another negative aspect is the following: Your task during the game is to collect coins in order to pay for Christmassy upgrades (lights, a snowman etc.) for your virtual house. In most levels however you can only collect one or two coins so that it takes quite some time until you’re able to buy something. To end on a positive note: You cannot fail as the game offers you goodies like bombs, rockets or a hammer to be able to find a way to continue. Be warned, though, you might become addicted to Christmas Puzzle!