Demons Sleeping in the Mirror – Seventh Video Online

I decided to upload the music of my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project on YouTube.

Check out the project here

Check out the lyrics here

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Demons Sleeping in the Mirror – Sixth Video Online

I decided to upload the music of my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project on YouTube.

Check out the project here

Check out the lyrics here

Check out the video

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As the title suggests something has changed. A long time ago, I posted a text about my second album that I’m working on. This album had the working title and was going to be called Something to remind You. However, in the last few weeks I started working on the music again and decided to change the projects title. It’s now called: Tales from the Ashtray. I have to admit I really like that title (and I don’t say that very often) as it sums up what the lyrics are all about: memories that I’ve left behind but that are still lingering somewhere, some still smoldering.
Anyways, what do you think of the title?

By the way, feel free to check out the lyrics here

Back from the Moon

As the title suggest I had an accident with a New Year rocket. Yeah, you have to let it go at one point, otherwise… Anyway, I’m back from my involuntary journey into space 🙂 In the final weeks of 2015 (that already sounds so far away) I have started to compose music again and I’m still writing some lyrics. Why? Because I have too much time on my hands. No, well yes, but…damn it 🙂 Actually, in 2015 I started to write lyrics for another project (Working title: Something to remind you) where I cope with past and present demons; i.e. my last serious relationship which went terribly south.
So, during the next weeks, I’m going to publish the lyrics I have written so far (one at a time) for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy. Some time later, I’m gonna post some background information about the songs and their content and in the near future I’m also gonna publish the music I’m working on. So basically I’m going to do just as I did with my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project which you can find here:


Background Information


Check it out if you like 😉

Behind the Glass #13

This is the last post of the Behind the Glass series. All the post of the series will be available in the Creative Writing category under the Demons Sleeping in the Mirror header. I am going to upload the projects songs sometime next week. I hope you enjoyed these posts providing background information to the respective songs.


Writing this song was like constructing a prophecy. Of course I didn’t know it back then. Demon – the song always kept its working title – dealt with the end of someone’s relationship. Now this someone has become Bino and the song can be applied to his relationship with Amy. Amy is the girl To Forget is about.

“Walking the starlit night” describes Bino leaving the house of a friend of his, seeing the stars and thinking about Amy’s beautiful eyes. Still, he always felt haunted by the demons of his past that he means again and again at different stages of his life. Therefore, “they’re still dancing and screaming”.
In the second verse Bino finds himself further down the spiral of life where everything seem to lie in pieces before him. He’s not that far away from breaking down, not from killing himself. No, killing himself had not been an option for a very long time. So, he’s not literally “dead from dreaming” (verse I).

Amy, at the time of writing, was never to play a part in the chorus. Well, now she does. She was the girl who saved Bino from most of the demons in his life. At least she kept them at a bearable distance. Unfortunately, in the second year of their relationship she turned. She made Bino happy but it was no longer the same happiness that he felt before. Ultimately, she destroyed him and sometimes it feels like he’s still dying from the wounds she inflicted on him.

Nevertheless, those two years also left Bino with a bunch of wonderful memories. Is there beauty in a demon?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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My Love/My Lies

Stop it. Stop loving me. I cannot stand you looking into my eyes. Seeing – but not understanding the lies. Ignorant to the deceit. I know it’s unfair. I’m not too proud to admit it, I’m just too weak to care.

Sometimes it feels wrong to hold you. You won’t slip from my hand but the more you hold on, the further I’m drifting away.

I am nothing but a picture painted on a canvas. The colors vanish with time until only the lines remain. Lines that define my existence. I want to cut myself out of the canvas – but can I exist outside the frame? Can a hole be a picture?

Will the picture be whole again?
Can you repaint me?
Will you?
I’m afraid…


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Your Words/Your Letters

Yesterday I read your letters. Your words of love, hope, and future. They linger in my mind like stones on a beach; a stormy coast. Cold and heavy, yet beautiful in their own painful way. Are you still beautiful?

Your words felt like waves crashing on my shore. Mighty masses of water destroying everything in their way. Destroying me. Each time you retreat into the sea you wash parts of me away. How much will be left of me when the storm finally stills? How much will stay with you forever? Buried underneath the calm surface, sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of your soul until it finally settles at the bottom. Lost. Forgotten. Only to be discovered in the rare moments you dare diving into your memories.

Will I ever forget you?

Can I ever forget you?


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