‘Ride the Bomb’ Video Online

It’s done. I just finished posting the second lyrics video from my Demons Sleeping in the Mirror project.
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Behind the Glass #2

Demons Sleeping in the Mirror and To Forget

If you asked yourself where the name of the project comes from, you might want to read on. Demons Sleeping in the Mirror is strongly connected to the introductory piece called To Forget. So, I’m going to explain that piece of writing to you in order for you to understand the project’s title.

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Your Words/Your Letters

Yesterday I read your letters. Your words of love, hope, and future. They linger in my mind like stones on a beach; a stormy coast. Cold and heavy, yet beautiful in their own painful way. Are you still beautiful?

Your words felt like waves crashing on my shore. Mighty masses of water destroying everything in their way. Destroying me. Each time you retreat into the sea you wash parts of me away. How much will be left of me when the storm finally stills? How much will stay with you forever? Buried underneath the calm surface, sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of your soul until it finally settles at the bottom. Lost. Forgotten. Only to be discovered in the rare moments you dare diving into your memories.

Will I ever forget you?

Can I ever forget you?


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