Christmas Gaming: Northpole Showdown (PC)

You can download Northpole Showdown here (It’s a German site)

If you’re looking for some Christmas action…look again. Although the game presents quite a nice idea (and even has an introdutory video), namely, the Northpole being invaded by an army of Christmas robots turned evil, the game doesn’t make you experience any real action. You’re an elf named Elfington and you’ve got to clear the path to Santa by defeating robots. Elfington’s talking and giving advice to his partner Panza (an elf pumped full of steroids) who says he’s right behind you but can never be seen (maybe in multiplayer mode) which makes having a partner quite pointless. Apart from that Elfington’s at his best or most effective using normal attacks, e.g. kicks and punches. Special attacks seem to be not as effective as those normal attacks. Also, enemy attacks do much more damage than one’s own attacks and paralyzing/stunning your enemy even protects him from suffering more punches. As I said, the game presents quite a nice idea but for those of you seeking some Christmas action, you’re better off watching Die Hard 2: Die Harder