Christmas Gaming: Weihnachtsmann Polonese (PC)

You can download Weihnachtsmann Polonese here (It’s a German site)

In Weihnachtsmann Polonese (Santa Claus Polonaise) you have to get a group (or polonaise) of Santas safely to the Northpole. On your way you have to evade obstacles by jumping over them and you can also collect presents. The further you make it in the level, the more points you get. However, it seems that the level is endless or maybe I just didn’t make it to the Northpole. What makes the game quite interesting is the fact that yu control all five Santas at once by moving your mouse over them. Thus, timing your jumps correctly becomes quite a challenge. The game ends of course when none of your Santas is left. Unfortunately (apart from the starting screen) the game has no music; all you hear is the Santas jumping, collecting presents and colliding with obstacles. Anyways, it’s an entertaining game.



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