Christmas Gaming: Geschenkfabrik (PC)

You can download Geschenkfabrik here (It’s a German site)

In Geschenkfabrik (Present Factory) you have to help Santa pack his sleigh full of presents. You’re one of Santa’s vertically challenged helpers and kind of head of security as you have to protect the presents from being stolen by thieving magpies. In order to do so you have to shoot them with a snowball cannon which, in my experience, is one of the only problems of this game as you can only shoot snowballs in arcs. This way, aiming well might be a problem especially when the game becomes faster and more magpies try to steal presents. Another problem is that you have to shoot using the “shift”-key which, pressing it too often in a row, results in Windows asking you if you want to turn on sticky keys. In this case you have to get rid of the message while the game continues. Last but not least, the magpies’ cawing can be a bit annoying. On a more positive note: whenever Santa’s satisfied with the amount of toys on his sleigh he let’s you know by Ho-Ho-Ho-ing; if he’s not, however, he stamps angrily on his head and if he does so three times, it’s game over. All in all, it’s a fun little game with a bit of festive music that helps to pass the days until Christmas.


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