Artwork Collaboration – The Results

These are the pictures people sent me to help me with the artwork for my upcoming album:

Yeah, you can’t see any pictures because there are none. I thought it was a good idea to ask around but obviously it wasn’t.


13 responses to “Artwork Collaboration – The Results

  1. Sorry to read about that. First I pressed “like” on the post, but then thought otherwise, as it’s not really good news. My drawing skills are as good as my musical skills, meaning “non-existent”, only with writing I could have helped. I know from my own experience when doing my music projects that one can actually do some pretty cool Photoshop artwork, using already existing pictures and changing them with all kinds of special effect tools. This can be quite a lot of fun, so maybe try this?
    Don’t give up on asking around, though. It might work next time, and collaborations are always quite rewarding.

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    • Don’t worry, I think you can actually “like” bad news in a way. Although like might not be the best word for it but anyways. I did create my own artwork for the last album but thanks for your advice 😉 I just thought it’d be cool to have some other input but my own. Yeah, maybe next time. We’ll see.

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      • I think bigger websites don’t have many problems with readers sending in their creative stuff, but these competitions are usually connected to winning prizes. I guess this doesn’t help as good advice, as I think seeing one’s own artwork in a project is more rewarding than any prize ;).

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          • Hopefully, we’ll get something done together in the near future, with or without shared artwork ;). But maybe you could try this sending-artwork thing in a different way, like providing prototypes of your own or asking what people imagine could be in the artwork for certain songs, so even people without drawing skills can participate in the creative process :).

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