Artwork Collaboration – Reminder

While working on my second album I had the following idea:

As I am not the most creative or talented person when it comes to designing art work I thought “Why not ask you guys out there?” So that’s what I’m going to do and if there is anyone who is interested don’t hesitate to contact me! But let me explain my idea in a bit more detail.
As mentioned above, I’m working on my second album called Something to Remind You. If you’re interested you can listen to my first album Demons Sleeping in the Mirror here and read the lyrics here. For the second album I had the idea of having some artwork done for each respective song. What I’d want you do to is the following:

1. Go to the Something to Remind You page; click here

2. Read through the lyrics and choose the one you like best

3. Design some artwork for the lyrics you chose:
You can
– draw a picture
– make a photo
– make a photo and photoshop it
– do something else as long as it involves a picture

4. Concerning the pictures:
They can involve text either taken from my lyrics or your own ideas which, however, should have to do with the topics treated in the lyrics. They should not display any violence, pornography or other illegal things. The pictures you send me should of course be yours or be free to use, copy, photshop etc. Please don’t steal any pictures. If you take them from a site send me the link.

5. If you’ve done all of the above send me the picture via e-mail:
The subject line should be: Something to Remind You + Name of the Song
In your mail tell me something about why you chose the song you did and please tell me something about the idea behind your picture
Don’t forget your name (the one you use as a blogger) and a link to your blog
The deadline is 1st July 2016

Of course I’ll publish the artwork along with the album on my blog and you’ll get all the credit you deserve – I give you my word of honor!
Should you have any questions feel free to use the comment section below 🙂 Thank you so much in advance!!!


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