SIWMKTK – Songs I’d Want My Kids To Know #1

What sounds like the national dish of a tribe no one has ever heard of on an island no one has ever set a foot on is nothing but my thoughts. Yeah, their just as incomprehensible. But seriously: Over the years I’ve listened to a lot of radio stations and I’ve come to the conclusion that our musical culture is going down the drain. Artists have become expendable and disposable. This might have to do with all the talent shows on which I’m not going to elaborate further.
In Germany we no longer have any songs that have the potential to become classics. Rap music and Hip Hop have become all about “Fuck your mother” and “Son of a bitch”. That’s what got me thinking: One day I want to have kids and I want them to not listen to “Fuck your mother” Raps. Of course they’d be free to choose whatever music they want to listen to but still I’d want to give them a list of song they might want to give a listen. I don’t know if they will ever get the list but, hey, better safe than sorry
So, in the following weeks/months (years?) I’m going to present you a bunch of songs I would want my kids to know.

Though the songs are in no particular order I’d like to start with one of my personal favorites:

Two Princes
Artist: Spin Doctors
Album: Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Year: 1993
Writers: Mark White, Eric Schenkman, Chris Barron, Aaron Comess

I loved that song since I was a little child and whenver it was on TV or the radio I’d take my air guitar and started rocking. The riff is pretty awesome and the drums are also quite memorable; e.g. in the intro. What I like most about the song are the lyrics and they’re allusion to inner values. That’s what matters. It’s not the guys who’ve got everything but give you nothing. It’s the guys that have nothing but give you everything who should win your heart. It’s a lesson I’d want to teach my kids. My parents taught me that lesson; music taught me that lesson (among others) and I’d want my kids to gain something from the music they listen to.

My favorite lines:

This one got a princely racket
That’s what I said, now
Got some big seal upon his jacket
Ain’t in his head, now
You marry him, your father will condone you
How ’bout that, now
You marry me, your father will disown you
He’ll eat his hat, now

(Spin Doctors – Two Princes)

Marry him or marry me
I’m the one that loves you baby, can’t you see?
I ain’t got no future or family tree
But I know what a prince and lover ought to be

(Spin Doctors – Two Princes)

What do you think about that song? Are there any particular songs you’d like your kids to know?


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