Behind the Glass #13

This is the last post of the Behind the Glass series. All the post of the series will be available in the Creative Writing category under the Demons Sleeping in the Mirror header. I am going to upload the projects songs sometime next week. I hope you enjoyed these posts providing background information to the respective songs.


Writing this song was like constructing a prophecy. Of course I didn’t know it back then. Demon – the song always kept its working title – dealt with the end of someone’s relationship. Now this someone has become Bino and the song can be applied to his relationship with Amy. Amy is the girl To Forget is about.

“Walking the starlit night” describes Bino leaving the house of a friend of his, seeing the stars and thinking about Amy’s beautiful eyes. Still, he always felt haunted by the demons of his past that he means again and again at different stages of his life. Therefore, “they’re still dancing and screaming”.
In the second verse Bino finds himself further down the spiral of life where everything seem to lie in pieces before him. He’s not that far away from breaking down, not from killing himself. No, killing himself had not been an option for a very long time. So, he’s not literally “dead from dreaming” (verse I).

Amy, at the time of writing, was never to play a part in the chorus. Well, now she does. She was the girl who saved Bino from most of the demons in his life. At least she kept them at a bearable distance. Unfortunately, in the second year of their relationship she turned. She made Bino happy but it was no longer the same happiness that he felt before. Ultimately, she destroyed him and sometimes it feels like he’s still dying from the wounds she inflicted on him.

Nevertheless, those two years also left Bino with a bunch of wonderful memories. Is there beauty in a demon?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


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