Behind the Glass #12

There are people who have a real talent for exploiting others. I know some of these people, I suppose we all do, and Parasite is dedicated to those who take and take until there is nothing left. Before deciding on Parasite the song was called Parasite/Leech but leeches can be used to cure people so Parasite it is. I know the word leech is used in the lyrics and that’s how it should be because leeches carry parasites in them and that way they can spread diseases.
This is exactly what human parasites do. They take and take from their host until the latter is nothing more than a shell covered by flesh and bones.

All the verses are written from the perspective of a human host talking to the human parasites around. It’s not necessarily written exclusively from Bino’s point of view although he has his own history of being a host to vampires.
The verses are split into two parts. The first parts of the verses one and two are about what the parasites are doing to the lyrical I while the second parts of those particular verse are the lyrical I announcing that everything will be different from now on. He’s killing the parasite; i.e. getting rid of it. It took him a lot of time to realize what’s being done to him, that he had fallen victim to a deception and now’s the time to turn the tables.
In the third verse, in the first part, the lyrical I is liberating himself from the chains of parasitism, leaving the parasite clutching at straws, licking the last drops of blood from the floor. The second part makes it clear that the lyrical I is free again and the parasite left to find another host.

In the chorus the message is pretty obvious, namely, that all the parasites should think about their behavior and, instead of exploiting others, start to live their own life. Still, there’s too much parasitism going on in life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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