Behind the Glass #7

Just A Shadow Left

When the song was written it was simply called My Heart Is Gone. It was written about a friend of mine. Or someone who used to be my friend. We went to school together all our lives. He was a pretty decent guy, really popular. Anyways, that wasn’t the reason I befriended him as I’m usually not someone to go with the popular people.

So – let’s call him Monty for the sake of giving him a name – Monty was, let’s face it, one of the most popular guys in our year. He had a lot of friends inside and outside of school and so he was part many activities taking part outside school. I wasn’t, so I know all this from people talking about it afterwards but I always was okay with the fact of not being that popular – I actually liked it.
Anyways, so Monty was that popular guy who did not have much luck with girls. Too bad, he was a nice guy. Not long after graduation he got to know a girl who, someone told me, he married. It seemed to me like an act of despair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging him in any way. I’m just stating my impression.
Quite some time before coming to know of Monty’s marriage someone else told me that he severed all ties with his former friends from school and does not visit any matches of his favorite soccer team anymore. And Monty always loved soccer. So, that told me a lot and, to be honest, it was quite shocking because I cannot imagine Monty without watching soccer.

Just A Shadow Left deals with Monty being consumed by that girl of his until he is nothing more than a shell without a soul. The Shadow part in the verses is Monty being devoured. Searching happiness, thinking he found it and not realizing that the girl’s eating his heart out.
The second parts of the verses deal with someone warning him about that particular girl and what will happen once he’s been completely made a part of her. When he depends on her, being destroyed by her words and her actions. It’s a constant fall down the spiral but he’ll only realize it when he smashes down on the ground. When it’s too late.
The last verse can be seen as the beginning of Monty’s end, the day she throws him down that final step of the stairway to his destruction; the day he finally hits the ground, face first; the day he realizes he was warned because someone wanted the best for him.

The chorus is a pretty short part and it’s actually just Bino relieving some steam. No, he would never have loved to see Monty crawling on the floor because his then-girlfriend left him but because he might have changed back into the person he was: the soccer-loving, popular Monty.
We often talked about people we know turning their backs on their friends because of some girl they met. We never wanted that to happen to us, especially, as we witnessed a close friend of ours do the same, at least to a certain degree.
I never wrote that song because I hated Monty, I still don’t. And I never wrote it because I wished him bad luck, I still don’t. I haven’t seen him for seven years now and maybe I will never see him again, I don’t know. Be that as it may, I just hope he is happy with his wife and maybe even a small family. Good luck, Monty!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


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