Behind the Glass #4

Over You

The song kept its working title as that’s what it’s about: getting over an ex lover. In my notes it says “raging ex-lover” but maybe that’s not correct; at least not entirely.
As you can imagine the lyrics deal (again not entirely) with Bino’s ex-girlfriend Holly. Before they became a couple they had some kind of an on and off affair being either pretty close or pretty distant. In those close moments Holly was one of the most wonderful people Bino knows. She left him after only four months.

The final weeks of their relationship were pretty tough and in the last two weeks they did not even see each other. When Holly left Bino a feeling of liberation spread inside him because the tough times were finally over. And then he died, over and over again until he could finally let Holly go.

To a certain degree Over You tries to capture moments from this relationship. No, Holly was not as destructive as the person described in the verses. That’s why I said it’s partially about her. The chorus, however, is nearly completely true. Bino did not and does not hate her but still his love turned to something else entirely; sadness maybe. He had to run far away with his bleeding heart and suffer a lot of pain (Shot you out of sight – blew you out of mind) to finally be able to forget Holly.

Although the lyrics are written from Bino’s point of view and, yeah, they’re pretty harsh at times, he made mistakes too. The separation was both their fault.
Finally, Bino untied himself from the train tracks and made it back to the safety of the station.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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