Behind the Glass #3

Ride the Bomb

Ride the Bomb is the first song I have written for the project. Actually, all the songs were written in the order I published them on this blog – with the exception of To Forget. The song’s working title was Do not Ride the Bomb.

The lyrics are more or less a status report Bino’s condition before waking up and fighting his demons. In case you’re wondering why I write about Bino: It’s easier to write about oneself from a certain distance. Back on topic. Bino was full of aggression as he had bottled up all his feelings for a pretty long time.
All the verses, basically, deal with Bino being hurt by influences from outside; i.e. people close to and around him. So, the lyrics were not written about one specific person.
The bridge “I’m one step from ignition” and the chorus are Bino’s final warnings before all the rage and anger in him surface and all his inner hell breaks loose.
During the verses he is nearly begging for people to hurt him. That’s not because he’s a masochist but because feeling pain sometimes is the only way to confirm one is still alive.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.  


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