Behind the Glass #2

Demons Sleeping in the Mirror and To Forget

If you asked yourself where the name of the project comes from, you might want to read on. Demons Sleeping in the Mirror is strongly connected to the introductory piece called To Forget. So, I’m going to explain that piece of writing to you in order for you to understand the project’s title.

To Forget was not part of the original collection of lyrics as I wrote it only recently. I planned to write some kind of an intro back when working on the lyrics but that never happened. While rediscovering my old lyrics and reading and re-reading them it became clear that they all dealt with what has now become memories. Memories I wanted to forget. Actually, I didn’t forget any of these memories and I guess I never will. But they fade and so does the pain.

So, I didn’t or couldn’t forget but that was my intention or the basic idea I had when writing. This might be the reason why the introductory piece is called To Forget.
The piece is written in the style of prose poetry (or something close to my understanding of it) and deals with my girlfriend (not Holly) – let’s call her Amy – leaving me after two years. It’s divided into three parts taking the lyrical I (just to create some distance) to the room, into the room and back into the house. The house and especially this particular room is full of memories and reminders of – shall we call the lyrical I Bino? – Bino’s time with Amy. Part of him is still with her and part of her with him (even if she might not think so). So, after being confronted with the memories of her, he wonders how to get rid of those time and if he’s even able to.

When writing the lyrics I did the exact same thing as in To Forget. I let Bino wander through a big house inside my mind where he opened the doors to its various rooms. In each of the rooms Bino found one of his inner demons. Therefore, he could only see them when looking into the mirror. No longer willing to be haunted by them he woke them up with the help of a pen and a piece of paper. Suddenly, he had to confront the demon that was now face to face with him forced to fight until the end. Demons can sleep for a long time but once they’re up it’s nearly impossible to put them to rest again.

Leaving the room was not an option as Bino would have to come back time and again. Time in which the demon could gather new strength, becoming more and more powerful until Bino would never stand the slightest chance. So he had to finish them off with his pen and paper. That’s what he did, eventually. With each battle he fought he started to recognize more and more parts of his original reflection until all the demons were gone.
It was a cathartic experience to finally let go of the ghosts and specters and all those other evil creatures haunting his mind. However, some faint memories will always stay and maybe they’re not supposed to go away.

When you wake up the demon and fight it the mirror gets smashed to pieces eventually. So you return to sweep up the broken glass. Still, there are some pieces scattered into the backmost corners of a room, invisible to the human eye. They will remain in the room forever, sometimes reflecting tiny rays of light shining through the windows and sometimes you still get cut on their edges. Not knowing why you’re bleeding but feeling the pain of a distant event you cannot place because you cannot see the fragments of glass, of the mirror.

So, now you know how Demons Sleeping in the Mirror came to be and what To Forget is all about.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.  


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