Behind the Glass #1

Demons Sleeping in the Mirror – General Information

As promised in my last post I’m going to start a series called Behind the Glass containing background information on the respective lyrics of Demons Sleeping in the Mirror. For those of you who don’t know where the project’s name comes from I’ll explain it again in the next post. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Later on, you can find all the information on the Demons Sleeping in the Mirror page under the Creative Writing category in a section named Behind the Glass.

When writing the lyrics for this project in 2010 (now that I come to think of it) I went through a hard time. My girlfriend (let’s call her Holly) had just left me and generally, everything seemed to go down the drain at once. New anger arose and old rage resurfaced, mixing with sadness and a general feeling of being weary of the world. All these feelings put a lot of weight on my shoulders and I needed a way to deal with it. So I wrote everything down, putting my emotions into words and lifting burdens off my shoulders with the scratch of a pen on paper.

At the beginning the project was simply called Songs because that’s what it was: a simple collection of, well, songs or rather lyrics. After having written a few lyrics I began to like the idea of setting music to poetry. Poetry has this natural flow to it and lyrics are poetry to me. Poems might not have an obvious a chorus (or a chorus at all) but they can have one. If you think about Poe’s The Raven all the bird says is “Nevermore”. So why shouldn’t that be considered a chorus?
Anyway, I renamed the project Poem-Songs aiming for a mixture between both.

After the process of writing the lyrics I filed them and read them from time to time. Still, they were somehow forgotten. Or ignored? At least I did not treat them like any of my other lyrics. As soon as I finish lyrics I type them out in a Word document because my handwriting is just terrible and I fear I might not be able to read it after some time. However, these lyrics remained on their respective sheets of paper, handwritten.

Once or twice I tried composing music for the project but let’s just say it was pretty bad. Currently, I am working on some music again that I hope is better and I’ll post it over the course of the next weeks. The music’s general direction is metal, although that’s as broad a musical field as rock music. Some songs even have acoustic parts. They’re supposed to contain vocals parts but I’ll spare you that. Still, I hope you’ll like the music. Feedback is appreciated 🙂

The project consists of twelve songs and one piece of prose poetry. After having written all the lyrics I felt better and with each word a part of the burden was lifted from my shoulders.
Why did I post all these lyrics? Well, there are three main reasons for that. Over the past months I rediscovered my love for creative writing and being creative in general. Right now I’m going through another not so happy times and am about to begin another project. The song Nothing Kills will be part of it. Last but not least the lyrics helped me to deal with a hard time. Reading some of your guys’ post some of you are also having a tough time. Maybe you can relate to a few (lines in the) songs and find comfort in them. That’d be great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this 🙂


Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.  


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