The Child has a Name

In the course of this week I made up my mind about how to call my project. Yeah, I still couldn’t find my inspirational bunny so I decided to think about a name. That’s Me 1 : Bunny 0, I guess 😀
Ok, let’s stop beating around the bush. The project is called:

Demons Sleeping in the Mirror

Why? you may ask and you’re absolutely right to do so. The explanation actually is pretty easy. As an introduction to the project I posted a piece called To Forget which is basically about walking through a house full of memories and reminders of a certain time. Yeah, there is a difference between a memory and a reminder, at least for me there is. Anyways, looking back on the times the lyrics were written I did the exact same thing. I walked through a house built in my mind and visited its different rooms.

Each of those rooms contained a demon that was connected to me. Thus, I could only see it when looking into a mirror. However, the demons were slumbering in my mind until being woken up by me writing about them. So, I could stare at my reflection for as long as I wanted and nothing changed until I took pen and paper and wrote down what was haunting me.
It was a cathartic experience to finally let go of all the specters and ghost and all those other evil creatures haunting my mind. However, some faint memories always stay and maybe they’re not supposed to go away.

When you wake up the demon and fight it the mirror gets smashed to pieces eventually. So you return to sweep up the broken glass. Still, there are some pieces scattered into the backmost corners of a room, invisible to the human eye. They will remain in the room forever, sometimes reflecting tiny rays of light that shine through the window and sometimes you still get cut on their edges. Not knowing why you’re bleeding but feeling the pain of a distant event you cannot place because you cannot see the fragments of glass, of the mirror.
So, I hope I could enlighten you about the meaning of the title. In the next days, you’re gonna find a new page on this blog that will lead you to the respective lyrics of Demons Sleeping in the Mirror. You can find it under the Creative Writing category.


I’d appreciate your feedback 🙂

What’s your opinion concerning the title?
Do you like it? Why? Why not?


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