The Last Song

Last night I published the final lyrics of my project that still has got no name. I think the inspirational bunny scampered away. Anyways, I swear I’ll find that bas…bunny 🙂
To stall for time and because I am very keen to know I’m gonna post some questions. Hopefully, anyone’s gonna answer them:

First, I’d like to know your general opinion on the project or any of the lyrics. No, I neither wanna be adulated nor blow my own trumpet. I just appreciate constructive criticism. So, don’t be shy.
Furthermore, does anyone have any favorite lyrics or some you really don’t like? Are there still any thoughts or comments you’d like to share?
Did any lyrics or lines leave question marks in your minds that you’d like me to clarify? Go ahead, I don’t bite.

In the project’s introductory post I talked about publishing all the lyrics on one page. The page is done so that you could click on the respective titles and read the lyrics. I wrote ‘could’ because I’m not gonna publish the page until I have a name for my project (where’s that bunny? dammit!). I’ll let you know when I did publish it. You’ll then find it under the Creative Writing category. Maybe you’ll even find some music to some of the lyrics as I am currently working on it. We’ll see.

Last but not least you can find a little poll at the bottom of this page.
All lyrics are up to the readers’ interpretation. Still, sometimes there are questions or possible interpretations that people are not sure about. This also concerns you as you are my readers. Sometimes, people just want to know the WHY behind a song. If any of the aforementioned applies to you just stand up and shout or, well, participate in the poll. Basically, what I’d like to know is if you want me to post some background information on the lyrics. I’d really appreciate your participation in the poll. It’ll only take a moment. The poll will be closed next Sunday, June 21st.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my lyrics, liking and commenting on them.

P.S.: Has anyone seen my bunny? It’s pretty small, fluffy and wearing a tiny hat 🙂


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