Under One Umbrella

One night and everything changed. Faces became names. Strangers became… what? Friends? Or are we nothing more than an experience, a memory that we share? Hardly worth remembering. Soon to be forgotten.
What seemed so simple during the day, turned to beauty at night. The simplicity I will see again. But what about the beauty? What about you? So close but still so far. Like an endless tunnel that becomes perpetually darker as the light fades.
It is raining and I can’t see anything but you. The drops, it seems, cannot touch you – just like me. There’s a wall around you. There’s a wall around me. I started deconstructing my protection just to have you blow up my inner defenses. You cracked open more than just my outer shell. More than you will ever know. More than I will ever admit.
I think you broke my heart…


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