Good Enough for You ain’t Good Enough for You

I tried and failed. Then I tried and failed again. Useless. Speechless. Deaf and dumb. Words are forming on my tongue that won’t come out. I wanna tell you that I love you. I wanna show you how I feel. But then…what’s the point?

You’d look at me. You’d scream at me. You’d die a thousand deaths. And me? I cannot save you. I can’t even save myself. Still, I’m trying. I’m failing. Trying and failing. Dying. On the inside. I muster all my strength; all that is left after years of struggling through a stream of concrete.
I love you. Once that made you happy. Now it makes us cry. All the paths I take towards you are littered with the pieces of your broken heart. The one I cherished. The very one I promised to keep safe when you gave it to me on that night. When everything seemed perfect… too perfect. Now I see that the picture never fit the frame. The colors are smeared. By tears. By knowing that everything I did to make you happy made you cry. I never changed and yet I changed completely.
Everything that was good enough for you was never good enough for you.
Everything was me…




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