Questions without answers #10

Do zebras have white or black stripes?
Believe it or not, zebras are black. This was shown by embryological evidence. The white stripes are nothing but an addition. Why exactly zebras are striped is unclear. There are, however, some hypotheses ranging from reasons of camouflage to the stripes enabling zebras to identify their herd.
Another hypothesis is that the stripes serve as a protection from the tsetse fly as well as the horsefly. Experiments showed that horseflies do not like stripe patterns.

A man who says dirty things to a woman is called a sexist. A woman saying dirty things to men gets 1€ per minute. Why?
Every form of sexism is discrimination, mostly committed by men against women. There can be different forms of sexism, positive as well as negative. Positive sexism is not (directly) insulting. If there’s a group of consisting of several men and one woman having a meeting positive sexism could be something like this: The woman has to keep the minutes because “she has the most beautiful and best legible handwriting”. An example for negative sexism would be to call a woman a hardcore lesbian because she has short hair, loves soccer and beats you in an arm-wrestling contest.
Anyway, women don’t want to be reduced to their body and judged by certain stereotypes. Most men, however, think they are superior to women. To keep up this alleged superiority they talk about women in discriminating ways. Women don’t want to be discriminated or insulted.
On the other hand, the supposedly sexually hyper-active and overly potent alpha males want to tell their dirty thoughts to someone. Who do they favor? Right, not their drinking mates, but women. Of course they cannot tell their wives their dirtiest fantasies, so there have to be women who pretend to play along, at least on the phone. Well, and that costs 1€ per minute.

Why do coffin lids have to be nailed up?
Better safe than sorry. Remember the dude from Transylvania? You don’t want him to leave his cozy coffin to sneak around your house at night, do you?
The most logical reason for nailing up a coffin lid seems to be protection – not from but for the dead. A coffin has to be transported by car, carried into the church and to the grave and lowered into it. Those are task where accidents could happen. The nails prevent the lid from falling of the coffin. Additionally, having a closed casket for a funeral is often legally fixed.

When you close the door of a fridge where does the light inside go?
This depends on where your fridge stands. A fridge standing in the kitchen has a switch and when you open the door it is released and the light is on. Closing the door means putting the switch in the off position so the light goes out. Just open the door and just press the switch, it has the same effect as closing the door.
The light inside the fridge has to be turned off because the burning bulb would heat up the inside of the fridge. Then the cooling compressor would have to work harder through even more heat exchange which would increase the temperature in the room. There are, however, exceptions. When a fridge is placed in a cool surrounding (like a basement) its control “feels” the coldness and consequently “thinks” that if it’s cool enough already the cooling compressor does not have to do the work. Therefore, the fridge will stop cooling and the goods inside defrost. To prevent this from happening there are fridges where the light is only dimmed when you close the door. This way, the light heats up the inside of the fridge enough for the cooling compressor not to stop working.


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