Questions without answers #4

If olive oil is made of olives and corn oil made of corn, then what about baby oil?

Believe it or not, baby oil is made of babies. Do you remember the news about Chinese potency pills containing pulverized flesh from dead babies? Well, some of the powder was processed, filled into bottles, labeled baby oil and exported into the whole world.
Well, black humor aside. While olive oil and corn oil are named after the natural resources they are made of, baby oil is simply named after its target group.

If superglue sticks to everything, why doesn’t it stick to the inside of its tube?

Superglue works through polymerization; i.e. it reacts with air moisture and when pressure is applied. For example when you want to glue to pieces of wood together you need pressure. Inside the tube the amount of humidity is not nearly as high as on the outside and the glue is not exposed to pressure. Additionally, superglue does not necessarily bond well with surfaces that are too smooth – and the inside of a tube is pretty smooth. For all these reasons (and maybe some more) superglue does not stick to the inside of its tube.

Why do you need an appointment for visiting a fortune-teller?

Although a fortune-teller might say “I knew you would come” does not mean that he foresaw your visit. They rather do it to create a certain effect.
Actually, fortune-tellers need you to be present to “work their magic”. Therefore, they make use of a technique called “cold reading which consists mainly of being able to read body language, understanding human nature and knowing about probability statistics. With these abilities a good fortune-teller will “read” you with an accuracy of around 80%. The rest is putting on a show.

If the universe is everything and if it is expanding, where does it expand into?

Honestly, I have never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier of physics. So I will try to keep my answer as simple as possible.
To understand the expansion of the universe we have to go as far back as the big bang, the origin of the universe. Imagine a firecracker exploding on the ground, its contents being spread all over the place. It was the same with the big bang and since then the universe is expanding continually.
To illustrate the expanding universe take a balloon. It symbolizes the universe shortly after the big bang. Now inflate the balloon a bit and paint a red dot on one side and a blue dot on another side of the balloon. Both dots are galaxies. Measure their distance, then inflate the balloon further and measure the distances again. The result is that your balloon universe – let’s call it ballooniverse has expanded even further and the dot galaxies are farther apart. However, our ballooniverse can only be expanded to a certain limit. Otherwise the balloon will explode right in your face.
The real universe expands further; i.e. the distances between the galaxies become bigger.
Depending on the universe’s geometrical form it can either expand even further (open universe), retract (closed universe) or expand further but slower (flat universe). Considering the question, let’s assume we have an open universe which expands into infinity.


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