Just Thinking…

Well, it’s been awhile…anyways.

Little evil me loves to eat in his favorite canteen. This canteen, however, is mostly visited by old people. Over the years (five at least) I have  seen many of them come and go and there was always this little voice somewhere in the back of my mind. A voice that was steering my thoughts in a new direction. To be honest, this direction was not completely new to me as I know my sense of humor too well.
Whatever, sitting there and watching the elderly sitting inside and walking or standing outside in groups (yes, there is a bus station were tourist groups of elderly people arrive quite often) little evil me had to experience what it is like to have too much imagination coupled with a twisted sense of humor. However, I would like to share the results of my inquiry into the back of my little evil mind with you.

A lot of old people pass by the window or come into the canteen with their rollators, or wheeled walker, so sometimes I wonder if I could get them to start a race. You know, nothing like the Formula One. It would be more like dragster racing where they could start at one end of the sidewalk with the finish at the other end. The winner could get a free meal at the canteen. Or money. One could even open a betting office and weekly races but I think this would go too far, wouldn’t it?

People can be conditioned, that’s no secret. You just have to look at Pawlow’s dog. Anyway, I would love to see how conditioned old people are. Most people link bubbling liquids to either boiling water, drinks or fizzy tablets. Old people, however, quite often know bubbling liquids as the tablet they put into a glass of water to cleanse their choppers. Or at least that’s my humble evil assumption. And when do people mostly cleanse their choppers? Right, after they had something to eat and of course when they go to bed. So, if I walk by an old man in the canteen and secretly put a fizzy tablet into his glass, will he automatically take out his choppers and throw them into the glass? Maybe someday I’ll…or maybe not…although…nevermind.

I’d love to sit at a table dressed in a black coat, face hidden under a black hood, daring old people to sit at my table and enjoy their meal. Okay, the scythe would be missing but hey, doesn’t a modern Grim Reaper have an App for that?  Honestly, I think there are much scarier people around than a guy dressed all in black. But still…

Well, this is the end of the little excursion into the back of my mind. I hope you enjoyed it. I didn’t mean to offend anyone 🙂 Maybe I’m going to post more regularly again.
Anyway, now I’m going to have lunch. Guess where… 😉