Quid pro quo #2

Hello Maddy,

thanks for your answer to my question. I hope you received my feedback/thoughts in your comment box under your post. So, now it’s my turn to answer a question again and I won’t beat around the bush for too long.

What is our life purpose and why were we born in the first place?

To be honest those are no easy questions, however, I’ll try my best. I am going to answer each part of the question seperately and in the end I’ll draw a conclusion by linking my answers.

Why were we born in the first place?
To give you an answer of striking simplicity: Our parents wanted us to be born. We are a wish come true. Of course I was thinking about different answers (ranging from God’s Will to destiny) but why not, in this case, take the most obvious answer? Why not see ourselves as the tiny miracles mankind can create? I’m afraid there is nothing more I can say.

What is our life purpose?
“A child will be born tomorrow
As open as an empty cup
And we’ll fill it with hope and sorrow
The very things that messed us up.”
(Mike & the Mechanics – Someone always hates someone)

The first three lines (I added the fourth simply to complete the rhyme) hold a lot of truth. As soon as we’re born we’re under a lot of influences, mostly from our parents. The little cup (our mind) is being filled. When we get older the cup gets bigger and is filled more and more. In order to not run over we have to filter certain things so that all that remains in our minds are the things we deem necessary. Of course there are certain things we can’t get rid of that linger somewhere in the backs of our minds. Anyway, once we start to filter things we begin to create goals. Some are temporary and some last until we die. However, everyone creates their own goals. Well, there might be standardized goals, i.e. ask three people what they want to reach in their lives and I’m pretty sure they’ll mention having a family and a decent job. However, the motivation for these goals might differ. One might want to have a family because he’s lonely while another one always thinks having a wife and children part of a perfect life.
So, I’d say our life purpose is to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, it’s the motivation that makes us go on even if we suffer a heavy setback.

Considering that having a family is a goal that many people want to achieve in their lives we can be pretty sure that once we were this goal, namely, when our parents wished for a child. Their motivations might have been quite different but finally they all reached their goal. Now, the older we get the more we take our lives into our hands, thus creating our own goals out of our own motivations. While we strive to reach our goals, while we are motivated to do something with our lives we find our life purposes. We find the things that make our lives worth living.

I hope my answers make sense and my text is at least a bit coherent. Please let me know what you think 🙂

Last but not least here is my question for you: Do you think that with all the technical means of communication (facebook, smartphones etc.) people might “unlearn” to talk to each other in person?


2 responses to “Quid pro quo #2

  1. Hi! I’m back. Sorry for disappearing without a good reason. I saw your comment on my post and I really liked your point of view. I seemed to forget that we lose hope every day in small ways. Thank you for answering my question. I agree that we’re meant to achieve our goals in life. Finding those goals can be the hard part. I’m going to go answer your question now! I apologize for the short comment.


    • Don’t worry about the length of your comment. At least you’re back 😉 Thanks for commenting my answers. Now I’m really looking forward to reading your answer and receiving your next question.


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