Five of the Week #16

“I’d kill for a burger.”
“A kingdom for a bed.”

We say something like this every day to express our urgent need of something. When we’re watching a movie and a child gets abducted the parents (mostly the fathers) tell the police they’re “going to kill the bastard who took my child” and the TV viewers say “Right, I’d do the same.” But, how far would we really go in extreme situations? This was the question that came into my mind. I mean it’s quite easy to sit in your comfortable armchair watching something you never expect to happen in your life and comment on it. What if it would really happen? I wish nobody ill, however, these things happen around us all the time.
So, this time I’m going to keep this post rather short by just posing the questions and I encourage anyone who might read this post to answer (at least) one of them.

1. Would you give a kingdom (i.e. all your worldly possessions) for a good night’s rest?

2. Would you kill for a burger before starving?

3. “If you break my heart, I’ll break your legs.” Would you?

4. Would you “kill the bastard who took my child”?

5. Would you pay somebody back in kind (i.e. fight fire with fire)?

Think carefully as you’re answering these questions from an outside perspective.


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