Five of the Week #15

Some people say that men are born evil. I don’t want to discuss this here but still I think that there’s some truth to it. Most people turn out to be good, others don’t. However, even the good people are left with some evil in the backs of their minds. Most people might not be aware of it as it is no voice screaming at them to go slaughter their neighbors. No, I think it’s something more subtle. Something we might not recognize immediately because we never knew it was there until it surfaces. And then it startles us, maybe even scares us because we don’t recognize ourselves, don’t recognize our actual way of thinking, and we regret what we thought.
So, here are some thoughts we would never admit we have or had. If you read them I dare you to be honest to yourself and tick a mental box for each evil thought you had (at least once).

1. Shut the f**k up!
Imagine yourself being totally tired or just really pissed off. We all have these days where we get up on the wrong side of bed. Everyone you meet tells you some (in this moment) uninteresting things which annoys you even more. At the end of the day your glad the day is over and then comes someone you really hold dear, telling you something more or less interesting/important. However glad you might be to be at home, the place where you hoped to be able to relax, these words are the straw to break the camel’s back and you just think “Shut the f**k up. I heard enough of that gibberish at work.” Some time after that you’ll be startled you ever thought something like this in the same or in similar situations.

2. You deserve this!
You’re standing in the kitchen, looking out the window and your neighbor is mowing his front lawn. His new car, which he is washing every day (or so it seems) is standing in front of his house. Of course he has showed it to you an annoying hundred times and told you that when he overtakes you, you’ll feel like your cars not even moving. Suddenly, there comes a car down the road, too fast of course, hits your neighbor’s new car and drives off. Your neighbor’s shouting at the escaping driver and you think: “You deserve this, you stupid show off.”

3. Beat it!
Do you have kids? Well, I don’t but I imagine they can be pretty annoying sometimes. OK, I do some private tutoring, so I know they can. However, as parents you have to be with your kids 24/7. When they get older that might change but for it’s different for a long time. And kids can be very insistent when they want something. I know that from personal observations and it even annoyed me although it’s interesting to watch. Now your kid asks you something for the hundreth time and I can imagine a lot of parents saying “no” and thinking “Why don’t you just beat it?”

4. Get a Job!
When you live in a city there’ll be homeless people around. Homeless people, we all know that, beg to get some money. As long as they don’t get pushy that’s no problem. However, if your walking about the city and the third or forth street persons asks you for a dollar, it might become annoying. Especially if it happens on three or four consecutive days. It’s nothing personal against these people as they are just trying to get through the day somehow, but  how often have thought: “Get a job!”

5. Do us/me a favor and die!
We all have these neighbors. They’re old, bored and resentful. And whenever they feel slightly bothered by someone they call the police or threaten you with their lawyer. I know that a lot of direct neighbors do suffer from someone like this. Sometimes they feel like this man’s watching their every step, phone in one hand, camera in the other, 911 already dialled so that he only has to press ‘call’. Some day it happens that they take it too far, threatening their neighbors with police and lawyers, telling them how awful they are and what a bunch of spoiled brats they are raising. Do you know a situation like this? Well, some people might think:”For peace’s sake, do us a favor and die!”



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