Five of the Week #14

It took me a long time to find something I could write about. All kinds of ideas were flying around in my mind but somehow I wasn’t able to grab one. Finally, I made it. So, here I am, writing again.

People like complaining. I’ve seen my share of people doing so with good reason or just for the sake of complaining. Well, I guess you can meet people like these anywhere at any time. They’re everywhere. In the supermarket, in the bus or just sitting in the same café as you. Sometimes they’re even in your own family. Actually, we all have something to grumble about, don’t we? I don’t necessarily mean the obvious things like the gas price or almost everything becoming more expensive. No, it’s the small things to beef about. It’s got to do with our being too hard to satisfy. It’s the things that bother us with time. However, when these things are gone we start complaining about their being gone. I guess it’s better to begin now before I start to confuse anyone with my explanation.

1. Sunshine/Hot weather
It’s summer and the sun is shining. The temperature outside is around 30 – 35° C (approx. 86 – 95° F) and the sky is all blue. Let’s say we have this weather three days in a row. People will start complaining about the weather being too hot. You can only do things (shopping etc. ) in the morning or in the evening. However, because everyone thinks this way, the shops are crowded with people and shopping will take longer than usual. During the day everyone seems to be at the nearby lake, swimming in the cool water or having a barbecue, thus, the lake’s crowded, too. Last but not least, when you’re not on a day trip to the lake, you’re relaxing in the back yard until your neighbor starts to have a barbecue. As “the idiot from next door” is “too stupid to barbecue correctly” all the smoke will be in your garden. And because your neighbor “doesn’t know when to take the meat from the barbecue grill” your garden will smell of anything but summer.
It’s then that people start longing for some cool rain to make the heat go away “and the idiot neighbor stay inside”.

2. Rain
Now the desired rain sets in, the temperature drops and it rains for two days or a bit more. The sky is gray and opening the shutters in the morning becomes more and more of a torture. Well, what happens now? People will start to complain again because there is too much rain. It’s too wet to go to the lake and too cold to sit in the garden. And anyway, “why do the idiots next door have to rediscover their libido?”
Why did these people wish for rain in the first place? Why not be as content with three days of rain as with three days of sunshine? It’s strange, isn’t it?

3. Music
Music at a party is as safe as the Bank of England. People like to sing along or just dance. However, here too, we have the party poopers who don’t like the music. Tastes differ and that’s good. But do some people, therefore, have to start to beef about everything they don’t like? Either “the music is too loud” or it “simply sucks”. For once, I’d like to see these people at a party with no music. I’d bet my behind they’d start to bitch about there being no music. But once the music starts…I think you know the rest 😉

4. Nothing on the TV
How often have you heard someone saying “there’s never anything good on the TV”? Quite often, right? There is never anything on the TV when one has time to watch it. That’s why people start complaining. However, if there’s anything they might like to watch and you tell them “Hey, today’s this and that on the TV” they say something like “I don’t feel like watching TV today”, “Let’s do something else” or “I think we’re (I am) watching too much TV lately.” The last sentence is really important/annoying because how can one watch too much TV when there is, supposedly, never anything good on TV?

5. Children Living Next Door
“Can’t that effing brat shut up for once? I’m trying to read the newspaper, goddammit!” When you have children living next door you might have heard that sentence from your husband/wife/boyfriend etc. In their opinion children are always crying, screaming, jumping…in short, children are loud (which holds true to some extent). The people who tend to complain about the neighbor’s children’s behavior are often those who were the same when they were little. They’re always talking like “if he doesn’t learn to play the guitar until tomorrow, I’ll call the cops”. But once the neighbors kids have grown up and/or moved out everything’s become quiet. There are no sounds of a badly tuned guitar to be heard, no little wanna-be pop star screeching songs into the hair dryer. Silence settles down. A silence that makes the once complaining husband feel uncomfortable although he’d never admit it.


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