Five of the Week #7

Wednesday again. What can I say? Not so much did happen since my last entry. At least I’m keeping my promise to post something once a week. Even if it’s just the “Five of the Week”. But I’m going to post something different soon, promised. It’s not that I think my Wednesday entries are too boring, it’s just that they are not the reason I started blogging. The reason was, at least for me, to convey my impressions of life and the “Five of the Week” are just a small part of these impressions, i.e. if they are impressions at all. So, some time soon, there’ll be a new ‘real’ post and I hope that more will follow.

However, this time it’s just another “Five of the Week”. I hope that whoever reads this will enjoy it nevertheless.
Finally, summer is back in Germany and now we all hope it’ll stay for the rest of the season. So, today I was, again, thinking about what to write. Finally, I settled on “How to overcome a Writer’s Block” because that was the most obvious topic. Yeah, I had no idea what to write about, so I thought about means to change this. But…yes, there’s always a but in there. But when I was driving home this evening, listening to some music, it dawned on me and here goes another “Five of the Week”

This time I’m going to write about five beautiful things about a summer day.

1. Wake up on a sunny Morning
How beautiful is that? You open your eyes, like me, at half past six in the morning and the sun is already creeping through the blinds, illuminating the room just a little bit. It’s not too much light to keep you from going to sleep again. Before you close your eyes again you realize that the sun’s already out there, the birds are singing their morning songs and it’s just like the outside is happy that you woke up. It’s a good thing to know that, when you get up, a warm and sunny morning is waiting for you.

2. Go for a short Spin
I know, fuel isn’t cheap these days but this isn’t something you do every day. “So get yourself a car and drive it all alone” (Audioslave – Getaway Car). The time of day doesn’t matter, although I’d prefer late evening/night for the simple reason that there isn’t much traffic if any (yes, that’s the advantage of living in a small village). Open the sliding roof, turn up the volume of your favorite music and enjoy the ride. What else can I say?

3. Have a good Conversation
You can always have that, right? Right…but on a warm summer evening you can talk sitting outside (or in the car) with some good music in the background. And you can have that conversation wherever you want, either in your backyard or in front of a road house watching all the people running around frantically. Well, you can just enjoy the peace of sitting in a car, listening to music, having a good friend by your side and just talking for hours and hours long into the night. I did that a lot and it was great. Writing about it reminds me that I have to do it again.

4. Go to an Open-Air Concert
It’s terrible to be locked inside a concert hall with I don’t know how many people. It’s crowded, everybody’s sweating and with each song you feel like the heat is rising even further. No matter how good the concert is, you’ll be glad when it’s over so you can go outside and breath in the fresh air. This is not the case with open-air concerts. Of course they can be crowded but, unless it isn’t broiling outside, you have enough fresh air to fill your lungs and with a cool drink in your hand you can just watch the show and have some fun. Wonderful.

5. Go for a Walk
Going for a walk in the afternoon is great when the weather is good. You can watch the busy people rushing in and out of the supermarket or the frustrated driver’s honking their way through rush hour traffic, screaming at cursing. Then you sit down in a café, have a coke (or whatever you like best) and maybe a roll or a pretzel and enjoy your evening. You’ll feel wonderfully relaxed when you go home again.


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