The Beauty of a Summer’s Rain

“Sometimes you got to believe
Beyond yesterday
I’m gonna find my way
In the summer’s rain
In a summer’s rain”
(Savatage – Summer’s Rain)

There really is something to this. Together with the music these lyrics even have a stronger effect on the listener. Savatage was a great band (one of the best in their genre) and Jon Oliver is a great singer (yeah, the good old Mountain King) and this song is just another proof of their musical genius. But, I’m not going to write about the significance of Savatage for the Metal-genre. No, I’m going to write about a summer’s rain and the beauty it has to it.

When I had to wait for the bus again I started walking the streets to pass my time. The weather was quite warm but the sky was a deep gray. Of course it didn’t take long before it started to drizzle lightly. “Wonderful”, I thought “I have to wait for the bus and it’s gotta start raining”. Honestly, I was a bit bugged and kept on walking, silently cursing the weather.
After a while, however, I stopped mumbling into my beard and somehow I thought “Damn, there’s really something special about the rain”. That’s how I stumbled upon the beauty of a summer’s rain.

After some hot and dry summer days one is often exhausted. Heat can really give one a hard time and especially old people suffer from it.
So, after some days of unbearable warmth one starts to think “A kingdom for some rain” and similar things. This is where the beautiful part comes in.
The clouds start to form in the sky and turn from white into different shades of gray. The sun vanishes and it becomes not colder but comfortably warm and muggy. And then, when you go outside, you get that special smell in your nose – the smell of rain. Honestly, I can’t describe but I’m sure you know what I mean. If not, go outside before our after the rain and you can smell it.

Suddenly you can feel a light drizzle on your arms and on your face and you know it’s starting to rain. Actually, this is the time to go inside but not this time. No, this time you stay outside and let the rain fall down on you. Why? Because it feels wonderful. It’s not that cold and ugly type of rain. On the contrary, the drops are slightly warm. You can feel them on your face, on your arms and wherever else they hit you. It’s a wonderful feeling standing in that type of rain and somehow it’s cleansing. The rain runs down your face and it seems like everything is washed away, all the sorrow, all the sadness, all the melancholy. And then…the rain is gone.

After the rain has gone the clouds slowly vanish until there is nothing but blue sky and sunshine…and somewhere on the horizon there is a rainbow. And now you tell me this isn’t a beautiful sight. A bright and colorful rainbow just for you. Ok, actually a lot of people can see it, but who cares? Now, it’s your rainbow because it’s your moment brought to you by a summer’s rain.

When can you find your way better than in your moment?


2 responses to “The Beauty of a Summer’s Rain

  1. Not very often you get rain like that, normally it’s nice and sunny for one or two days then you get a week of miserable rain – no rainbows in sight 😦
    But when they sky does clear up like that after a shower it is lovely 🙂


    • Unfortunately, we got that kind of weather this “summer”. I’m really looking forward to that kind of rain again. I guess in the meantime we have to live with that depressing ever-gray sky. Seems we have to make our own sunshine somehow.

      Best regards,


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