Hello world!

Hello world! What seems to be such a trivial sentence is maybe one of the most significant ones we will ever say. According to Wikipedia it’s “one of the simplest programs possible in most  programming languages” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_world_program). But there have been a lot of Hello Worlds! before and after programming. I mean, each time a baby is born, what sentence would you associate with its first cry? Wouldn’t it be something like “Hello world, here I am”?
So, it seems that “Hello World” announces the start of something new. A life, a program, you name it. Well, then this blog shall be the start of something new as well. What it will be the start of? Honestly, I don’t know (yet) but time will tell (as time has often done before). It’s not that I have a concrete idea of how this blog will evolve or what it’s gonna be about.

All I know is that it will be about life; life and all that affects life (the good, the bad, the crazy, the normal etc.). Maybe this can explain the name of this blog (the idiosyncracy of life in words) a little bit. To put it in a nutshell it’s all I find worth writing about in the course of my life.

I guess this is all I have to say for the first blog entry of my life. My fellow blogger (a big HELLO WORLD to you;)) will explain her motivations for our starting this blog herself (or at least I hope so). Oh, by the way, my motivations were that I always wanted to have a blog, preferably with someone else. Now, as both conditions are met, it’s off we go.

Hello world!


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Wow this was really long ago! I like seeing people’s first blog post. Shows hope and sincerity and is just so nice to read. Your first post itself was so good. Cant wait to read more of your blog after my exams. -Lily :’)

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    • Thank you. I have to admit I neglected blogging for a long time and I guess my blog has drifted away from its original idea. But then we started with two bloggers and now it’s just me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my past and future writing 🙂 Good luck for your exams!

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